We are located in the rolling hills and farmland of Northern New York and have amassed nearly 10,000 acres of leased property that is available for the exclusive use of our clients. This land is in multiple pieces allowing us the opportunity to target both the species hunted, the season and your interests. No fences here ... fair chase is all that we do!.

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Deer Hunting

White Tailed Deer are our speciality. One of the farms that we lease holds the record of having the second biggest deer ever shot in the county. You will be assigned an individual piece of land that is yours exclusively. No one else will be allowed to hunt in your allocated area while you are with us.

The land is crop land with woods and swamps, providing excellent cover for the deer herd. There is a lot of cedar on the land providing good winter feed and cover. A good share of the deer are taken as they travel to and from the crop lands. The last three years our hunters have enjoyed at least a 98% shot opportunity. About 75% took deer home with them.

In many case we are able to supply a permit to take a doe. This varies from year to year depending on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. We give the permits out on a first come first serve basis.

Click for a full picture We offer guided and unguided hunts. St. Lawrence County has one of the highest deer populations in the state and always ranks among the top 3 to 5 counties state-wide for total buck take. We offer Bow hunting beginning in late September, muzzle loaded and rifle hunting. The Dates vary from year to year but usually end about December 10th -12th. Rifles are permitted and recommended in the area though a slug gun will do the job well too.

Lodging is available in our cabins on the banks of the St. Lawrence River!

Trophy Deer Hunting

Click for a full picture We have developed three special properties on which we offer AR Hunts (antler restriction hunts). These are guided hunts with a 3 day minimum. All of the properties have comfortable stands overlooking prime hunting area. One features a 5 to 6 acre food plot that is totally isolated in the middle of the woods while the other two take advantage of the farms natural crop rotation and terrain. Both are home to numerous large bucks. Antler restrictions vary from 3 to 4 points to a side and there is a $500 penalty for shooting a buck on these properties that does not meet the minimums.

Canada Geese & Duck Hunting

Click for a full picture Local Season: What a blast! From Sept 1 through about the 24th NY State has a season for local geese. Our local population is very high and this is a great hunt. With higher bag limits (usually 8 birds/man) than the migratory season and warmer weather this hunt is a blast!

Click for a full picture Migratory Season: Geese by the thousands! We are located on the St Lawrence River, one of the major flyways for Canada geese. They stop to rest and feed by the thousands, the local bays are loaded with them, both in the spring and in the fall. The hunting is truly spectacular. They leave the water in flocks of 2 or 3 hundred going into the fields to feed. Sometimes these fields will hold several thousand geese. We have hunting rights to many of these fields (over 5000 acres) and all of the gear required. All you need to bring is your gun and hunting clothes - these are fully guided and equipped hunts. You'll hunt from lay-out blinds over decoy spreads of between 75 and several hundred decoys. We scout daily before and during the season to pinpoint the fields that the geese are using.

Turkey Hunting

Click for a full picture The turkey population in St. Lawrence County is at, or near, an all time high and our leases are some of the best areas in the county! Both guided and unguided hunts are offered and our turkey guides know their stuff!

Coyote Hunting

Click for a full picture From the close of deer season in mid-December right through the end of March we are coyote hunting nearly every day! These are fully guided hunts behind the owner's own bred and trained Walker Hounds. Talk about exciting... this is an incredible way to spend a winter day. These hunts are offered at a substantial discount for two reasons: One, Joe Babbitt is likely going to be hunting with or without you... this is one of his true passions! And, two, the coyote population is getting to the point where it's threatening to damage the deer herd.

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